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Lionheart Capital doesn’t just offer a business loan, we provide a partnership to help your company grow and achieve its goals. Our loans are created to cover a range of expenses associated with developing and expanding your business.

Flexibility and
Freedom in Financing

Lionheart Capital gives you the flexibility your business needs. We design our loans to fit your business style, making sure payments match your cash flow. This way, you can put money into your business without financial stress.

Seamless Loan Process, Tailored to Your Timeline

Our prices are competitive, and we offer a range of options. We take time to understand your needs and create a loan that matches your business plans.


Whether you need to grow your business, hire new people, or buy other businesses, our loans can help you succeed.

Efficient, Effective, Empowering

In business, time is crucial. Our efficient process helps us quickly identify the banks most likely to partner with you and speeds up the loan acquisition process. We’re dedicated to delivering quick, significant results to support your business growth.


What is a business loan?  

A business loan is a type of funding in the form of a lump-sum payment that businesses can get to cover  the costs that come with operating and growing a business. These loans are typically paid back in regular  installments with interest and fees. Business loans are one of the most versatile forms of business  financing and are available in a large range of amounts and payment options. 


How does it work?  

With a business loan, you are given a set amount of funds to use for various business needs. You are  required to pay interest on the entire loan, which can be more costly than the interest on a business line  of credit. Once the loan is paid back, the funds are no longer available to be used. Another application  must be submitted If your business needs additional funding. 


Why choose a business loan? 

A business loan gives you access to capital so you can invest it into your business. The funds can be used  for many different purposes, ranging from maintaining daily operations to growing your business with staffing, business acquisitions, and more. With competitive rates and a variety of terms and payment  plans available, you have the ability to choose a loan that is created specifically for your business needs.

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Your Guide To Growing Your Business​

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