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The Financial Tool for Businesses

Lionheart Capital’s business credit cards are the perfect tool for businesses today who want flexibility and opportunity. With a set credit limit to help your buying power, our cards work like a quiet financial helper—ready when you need it, out of the way when you don’t.

Why Opt for a Business Credit Card?

Our credit cards are not just for paying bills. They help build your business credit. If you have a new business, a Lionheart Capital business credit card is a smart choice. It’s not just easy to get. It also helps your business stay financially healthy for a long time.

Why You Should Partner with Lionheart Capital

We use our strong network of banks to get high credit limits and great terms for our clients. Imagine having the chance to get more money with low interest for up to 12-18 months. 


This isn’t just getting credit; it’s a smart move that lets you put money into growing your business without worrying about interest straight away.

Turn Everyday Expenses into Strategic Investments

With minimal restrictions on usage, a business credit card from Lionheart Capital gives you the freedom to cover a diverse range of business expenses. Equip your business with a financial tool that adapts to your spending needs and grows with you.


What is a credit card?  

A business credit card provides access to funds with a set credit limit in order to make purchases. Like a  regular credit card, it carries an interest charge if the balance is not repaid in full each billing cycle. It is a  good option for business owners who need quick access to cash.


Why choose a credit card?  

A business credit card is a great option for younger businesses trying to establish business credit. It is  often easier to qualify for a credit card than a traditional small business loan. There are also few  restrictions on what you can purchase with a credit card, so many small business owners use credit cards  to cover a variety of business expenses.  


What is the Advantages of a credit card?

At Lionheart Capital, we have strong relationships with many financial institutions, which allows us to  offer our clients high credit limits at 0% APR for 12-18 months. This means you can use your credit card  as working capital to grow your business without worrying about high interest fees.

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