SBA working capital loan

What is an SBA working capital loan? 

An SBA loan is a small-business loan supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration that can help  cover a large range of business costs. This type of financing is issued by a private lender but backed by  the federal government. The flexible terms and low interest rates can make it one of the best loans for  small businesses.  

Why choose an SBA loan? 

Because the SBA loan is supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration, it allows lenders to provide  business loans with more lenient credit standards for longer periods of time. SBA loans also have lower  down payments than conventional loans. This allows businesses to save their cash for when they need it  most.  

Do I qualify? 

SBA loan requirements vary based on the lender; however, you’ll need to meet some basic criteria from  the U.S. Small Business Administration to qualify. Time in business, personal financial history, and credit  score are all taken into consideration when applying for an SBA loan. If you are having difficulty getting  approved for a conventional loan, an SBA loan might be the right loan for your business.